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Codeless Catalog Automation Application

Eliminate manual catalogue item maintenance

The CCA app meets demands of many ServiceNow users that face substantial manual work while creating approval conditions and tasks for catalogue items. It decreases the amount of work substantially. A true valuable app for your ServiceNow environment, especially when you work with many catalogue items.

Benefits of the CCA App

✓   Time saving! Configure complex catalogue items within minutes!
✓   Extensive Logging. In case something happens, easily find the issue in the workflow logs.
✓   Make your Request Item process data-driven by configuring a conditional plan with approvals and tasks.
✓   Automate your tasks with Flow Designer to remove any manual actions.

Features of the CCA App ⤵

Condition based Approval/Tasks

1 | Condition based Approval/Tasks

Whenever you have specials conditions before creating an Approval or Task, you can easily configure a condition based on the Request Item. It also allows using catalog variables in your condition to achieve complex conditions. This is all done through configurations!

2 | Variable Based Approvals

Sometimes your approval needs to be retrieved from catalog variables. Whenever this is the case you can simple configure a Variable Based Approval. You can use Reference and List Collector variables to either directly send approval or dot walk to a specific field.

Variable Based Approvals
Conditional Task

3 | Conditional Task

Tasks can be created dependent on the catalog item. It utilizes the power of the conditions-based mechanism. Think about a task that only needs to be created when a user selected an expensive laptop!

4 | Automated Tasks

Does your task only involve data changes? Why not use the OOTB Flow Designer and link it to your Conditional Task! That way your task will be directly picked up when created and handled by the system. Take notice: Flow is not part of the CCA app and needs to be created yourself.

Automated Tasks

The near future...

  Conditional Notifications. Make notifications part of your Conditional Plan!
   Send multiple Approvals / Tasks in the same order.
   Configure global Approvals / Tasks that are used in the whole Service Catalog.
   And much more to come...

More information about the CCA App