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UBanQ Simulation Game for IT4IT™

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All Day
Patrijsweg 90
2289 EX Rijswijk

The UBanQ Business Simulation Game is a powerful way to experience the transformation journey that many IT organizations are going through. It can help to create a dialogue and awareness of what needs to be done to transition to a new IT operating model enabling to deliver better, faster and cheaper with lower risk. In this game you learn how IT4IT can help you to improve IT organization as a whole.


• What is IT4IT™ and why should I use it?
• An explosion of fragmented, SILOed tools to plan, build, deploy and manage increasingly complex services.
• How to integrate end-to-end data required to deliver and manage services into one shared ‘backbone’ of information?
• How to link ITIL 4, Cobit and other frameworks to create real business value?
• How to build value streams that link all end to end activities of the IT chain in order to bring more customer value?
• How to manage the huge business demand in order to use the available capacity efficiently without increasing costs?
• How to execute a transformation program to ‘implement’ IT4IT aspects in your own organisation?
This latest simulation is a powerful way to stimulate a new way of thinking within the IT Organisation. It can help create a dialogue and it helps employees better understand how to improve their own way of working from where they are now (traditional Service Management) towards a more Agile Service Management approach, not as a large implementation project but in small incremental steps and based on their own motivation.

Who should attend
Many frameworks are promoting value chains and value streams, many focus on the integration of processes and technology to support SILOed practices. However, IT4IT not only focuses on the end-to-end process stream but also the end-to-end flow of data and information needed to enable and support the value chains.
The training is designed for roles inside and outside of IT. Since this simulation is aimed at exploring and experiencing a new way of working this simulation does not require any specific knowledge to participate
• Employees of IT (Operations) teams can explore how an END to END way of working can make their work more enjoyable and better – and find their way in these new value streams.
• IT managers and team leaders can learn how to implement this IT4IT principles in their own organisation.
• Development teams can experience how to integrate their work into the new value chains to maximise their efforts in line with business needs.
• Business roles can learn how to manage the portfolio of programs and projects and make the right decisions to lower the IT costs and increase value to their customers.
This simulation also helps to manage the IT Services more efficiently and effectively.

IT4IT™ is becoming increasingly popular for organising your whole IT Department. Key elements are Digital Enterprise, Faster Deployments of Services, higher quality, better adoption of emerging technologies, better integration of vendors and repeatable and predictable operations.
In this simulation we teach teams how to apply the IT4IT Principles. They run a company UBanQ, an innovative bank that wants to become one of the leading banks in the world. But, the organisation is not ready to achieve this.
The team must deal with a growing demand of new services and features from the business, solve issues and events, deal with new emerging technology and deal with defects. Together with this, the team must find time and capacity to implement so called ‘IT4IT Building Blocks’ to ‘implement’ the IT4IT aspects. If they do well, UBanQ will achieve their goals! Are you up to the challenge and bring UBanQ to the TOP3 ranking? Is your business making similar demands driving the need to transform the whole IT department?

Training Details
• 1 day (9.00 am till 17:00 pm)
• Location: Rijswijk
• Cost: € 585,00 (ex. VAT)
• Includes: training materials (English)
• Excludes: exam. This course has no certification available.


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Are you interested in the UBanQ Simulation Game for IT4IT™? Please fill in the registration form or send e-mail to

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