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ISM Foundation

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Patrijsweg 90
2289 EX Rijswijk

ISM Foundation

Discover and Model Business Services to manage service health




ISM stands for Integrated Service Management and is a standard method for the design and improvement of IT management. ISM contains the best practice of a large number of organizations, and is fully compatible with popular reference models such as ITIL, ASL and MOF.

This two-day training goal is to provide the participants in broad insight into the process of an IT management organization, according to the approach of the ISM method, so that the participant is able to function in an organization where ISM is the applied reference.

The ISM training is based on 6 ISM-processes and a 9-plane model. Focusing on a Process-oriented work process and control.

The training consists of theory but next to that also a lot of practice discussions, reflecting on work situations and your own role.


The 10 advantages of using ISM… :

  1. A rapid improvement of your service and your customer satisfaction because ISM in a short time contributes to a more effective and efficient organization.
  2. More than 50% savings on traditional implementation costs of IT management.
  3. A much more rapid introduction of IT management, the strong standardization of the method.
  4. A strong simplification of the complexity of ITIL and / or ASL.
  5. A flexible phased improvement of your IT management, according to your own priorities
  6. More support from your employees because ISM is easy to understand and use.
  7. Savings in process costs because the ISM process model contains only six logically structured and integrated processes. The model is therefore organized, manageable and adaptable.
  8. A good connection to existing knowledge and concepts to your managers, because the ISM processes are aligned with the descriptions from ITIL, ASL and MOF.
  9. A substantial saving on the cost of setting up your helpdesk tool: ISM uses standardized devices of familiar tools, creating a fast and optimal integration with the processes and organization.
  10. A substantial saving on the description of your processes and the layout of your publication tool: ISM uses standardized process models in the most famous publishing tools are plug-and-play.


At the end of the training the official ISM Foundation exam is included to obtain your certificate. The exam consists of 40 multiple-choice questions and is under responsibility of Servitect.


Who Should Attend

The ISM Foundation training audience consists of individuals who want to gain insight into the process of an IT management organization according to the ISM method, and employees of an IT management organization that uses the ISM method or are going to use.


  • Some experience in an IT-organisation

Training Details

  • Two consecutive working days (9.00 am till 5.00 pm), plus 1 additional day for exam (including review and preparation)
  • Location: Rijswijk
  • Cost: € 1.100,00 (ex. VAT), including exam
  • Includes: lunch, training material, exam (plus review & preparation) and ISM Foundation study book
  • Bring your own laptop
  • Training and Trainingmaterials are in Dutch



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Are you interested in the ISM Foundation? Please fill in the registration form or send e-mail to

Availability: none

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