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Apollo 13™ Simulation Game – June

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Training details

9:00 am - 5:00 pm
Patrijsweg 90
2289 EX Rijswijk

An ITSM-case Experience™


Apollo 13 is a one-day simulation game, a module in which you will learn and experience in an interactive way all ITIL®-concepts and –processes. During the training real life situations from the Apollo 13 mission are simulated.

You will work in a team and play the role of the mission control center in Houston. Your task is to bring the damaged spaceship and crew safely back home. During this game you will experience and learn all advantages of the ITIL®-procedures.

Throughout the game you work in a team of 8 to 12 mission control center members. You will go through the four phases of the mission and will be faced with different events and situations. In each round the team completes the following steps: process design, simulation run, review and reporting.

Throughout the game various ITIL processes are used to enable the mission control center and the crew to resolve problems and make timely changes to the configuration and the direction of the spaceship.

Some things you will learn during the training:

  • Determine the main cause of the problem (Problem Management).
  • Recommending a plan for improving the service (Service Level Management).
  • Working proactively to prevent future accidents (Problem and Change Management).
  • Make improvements in cooperation and plan to optimize it.
  • Solve workflow problems.
  • Translation of what has been learned into daily practice.
  • You get more insight into the theory of ITIL. By studying the Apollo 13 case
  • Learn how ITIL processes can be used in other environments.
  • You understand the interdependence between the processes and the influence of the processes on the continuity of the business.
  • You will get a better understanding of processes. You will learn how good designs can improve the performance of the service.
  • You will learn how to cooperate and how to improve work processes by implementing design and implementation as a team.
  • You will gain insight into how you can improve your own processes.
  • …..

Who Should Attend

This Training Simulation Game is designed to give insight in the basic processes Service Management, and therefore it is ideal for:

  • IT Service Managers
  • Functional Application Managers
  • Service Desk workers
  • Process Owners
  • Technical Application Owners / Manager
  • Technical System Owners / Managers


  • No prerequisites, some basis ITSM understanding is useful
  • Training Details
  • 1 working day (9.00 am till 5.00 pm)
  • Location: Rijswijk
  • Cost: €550,00 (ex. VAT)
  • Includes: lunch and training material (English)
  • Bring your own laptop
  • Excludes: exam. This course has no certification available.

This Apollo 13 Simulation Game can also be order on site if you have between 8 to 12 participants. Total cost is €3200,00 (ex. VAT) including all necessary training materials. Please contact us via for more details and an offer.


Are you interested in the Apollo 13 Simulation Game training? Please fill in the registration form or send an e-mail to

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Are you interested in the Apollo 13™ Simulation Game – June? Please fill in the registration form or send e-mail to

Availability: none

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