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Predictive Intelligence

The perfect ticket assistant to end users and servicedesk agents

As a customer oriented organization, you want your tickets to be resolved as soon as possible by the right assignment group. What you don’t want is double tickets, reinvented solutions or identical knowledge articles in your knowledge base. But in practice end users often make mistakes when creating a ticket, not knowing what exactly to fill in the several fields. ServiceNow Predictive Intelligence helps speeding up resolving time, improve user experience and keeping your knowledge base clean at the same time.

How does Predictive Intelligence within ServiceNow work?

ServiceNow® Predictive Intelligence is a powerful set of machine learning capabilities that can easily be integrated in your current workflows to improve efficiency. PI uses existing records to learn from and predict values for new records. You can imagine that in order to make reliable predictions a critical mass of existing records is needed, preferable 30k. We also advise our customers on how to learn end users to provide better information about their issue, so that we can optimize the machine learning data set.

Qualitative data is the baseline for better predictions and will make your Predictive Intelligence implementation a success. And to prove that it works, PI includes powerful analytics and dashboards that give clear insight into the value of machine learning and how each prediction improves efficiency. Talking about transparency!

Example: Predictive Intelligence for a large bank
We have implemented PI at a large bank in The Netherlands. End users who created a ticket often couldn’t fill in what Business Service there issue was related to. Now, with help of PI and based on the description of their problem, ServiceNow predicts what Business Service it concerns, what assignment group is the most likely to report it to and the correct priority. As a result tickets are assigned to the right assignment group first time right so that the problem is solved sooner and the end user is served better. At the same time the pressure on your Service Desk agents decreases, giving them more time to focus on solving the problem, rather than re-allocating and re-prioritizing it.

Features of Predictive Intelligence within ServiceNow

  • Major incident detection
    Quickly identify and triage critical issues by proactively identifying similarities across open incidents or cases.
  • Action and content recommendations
    Connect the dots for agents by suggesting relevant tasks and content to help them solve issues faster.
  • Categorization, routing, and prioritization
    Reduce manual work and errors with supervised machine learning solutions that use your own historical data to automatically classify tasks, incidents, and cases at scale.
  • Cluster analysis
    Uncover opportunities for improvement with unsupervised machine learning solutions that identify patterns by continuously segmenting and grouping similar items.
  • And also
    Single AI platform, dashboards and reporting, data security, international language

Contact me about the Predictive Intelligence solution

If you feel that the routing of tickets is too long and/or solving issues takes too long in your organization, consider PI!

Our consultants can implement this innovative solution in your ServiceNow environment, providing related incidents, cases, alerts and knowledge articles to your teams, and predicting the ticket’ service, category, assignment and priority.

PI makes life easier for both your end users end your agents.