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As a consultant, project manager or trusted advisor you support the outsourcing plans of your customers and run into a shitload of challenges like SaaS, IaaS implementations or transformations. Organizations moving towards Agile or DevOps ways of working requiring new and challenging approaches to ensure effective cooperation between different IT parties.

To do so you want to stay informed of the developments and methodologies regarding outsourcing, IT Service Management and smooth cooperation between the various IT service providers at your customer. And especially with the latter, there is often a major challenge: integrating all services, suppliers, and managing all of this. Service Integration and Management (SIAM) offers a perfect solution. That is why we would like to invite you and your colleagues to a completely no-obligation knowledge session about SIAM. This can be done digitally or at your location (with due observance of the RIVM guidelines), at a time that suits you best.

SIAM with Fruition Partners

As an independent supplier of IT Service Management and SIAM, we at Fruition Partners have been implementing our hybrid SIAM solution for customers for years; from mid-size companies to large multinationals. It is a pleasantly practical and proven method that starts small, and with which organizations can scale up professionally via manageable steps. This keeps the entire transformation process clear, which in turn leads to fast, measurable results.

We distinguish three separate paths on how to support clients with SIAM. These will be further explained during the session:

  • Maturity scan of the organization;
    Scan and advice on where an organization stands and how it can improve. The organization can then implement the recommendations itself or have them implemented by a third party.
  • Capability change;
    We help an organization in project form to set up the necessary SIAM function and ensure that the right skills and requirements are in house to keep it running.
  • Hybrid SIAM solution;
    A service in which we run and improve the SIAM function together with the customer. It is also possible to provide resources to the retained organization to support the SIAM function.

Learn more about our SIAM approach

Get to know us at a knowledge session

We realize that you may not be completely familiar with our SIAM proposition. We are happy to change that. Register your organization for a no-obligation knowledge session about SIAM.

Location: Digital or on location (with due observance of the RIVM guidelines).

For whom: All employees of your organization with an advisory role in IT outsourcing projects.

The following topics will be discussed during the knowledge session:

  • SIAM; A quick refresh
  • What value does SIAM offer?
  • Why SIAM with Fruition Partners?


Of course there is room to enter into discussion, to share experiences and to post critical notes.

If you have any questions, just contact us, we will be happy to tell you more about it.
We wish you many challenging projects!

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Why Fruition Partners?

With more than 20 years of experience in multi-vendor IT landscapes, Fruition Partners supports organizations in transforming the IT function into a decisive and agile service provider with tight control over all processes.

What else does a collaboration with Fruition Partners yield?

  • Improvements aimed at People, Process, Tools, Data, Integration and Controls. No aspect of SIAM is disregarded;
  • We offer SIAM, where the Service Desk is treated as an independent entity. Like Fruition Partners as your organization, you act as independent parties without a conflict of interest or supplier lock-in.
  • The Fruition Partners team consists of doers and thinkers. This gives you the best team at its disposal in conversations with your customers