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About SIAM

SIAM, maximize service delivery using best practices.

Service Integration and Management (SIAM) is an essential component of the IT operating model for hybrid IT environments. Clients move to an IT operating model (ITOM) built to deliver faster, more reliable changes and higher efficiency. SIAM’s transformational approach integrates, deploys, and manages services from multiple service providers. Our non-disruptive, multiphase approach uses industry standards including IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) and a value-chain approach to the IT operating model (IT4IT). It also provides visibility, measures performance and deliverables, governs issue resolution and improves end-to-end performance.

As businesses seek to adopt a more flexible, hybrid IT approach to succeed in the digital age, they are extending into cloud while retaining their traditional services. The Fruition SIAM solution helps clients control and manage the complexities of a hybrid environment that includes in-house IT, hardware vendors, and IT service providers. Our SIAM solution provides a structured and integrated service delivery model that increases service delivery performance, implements industry best practices, and provides visibility across all service providers. It creates flexible IT service delivery with increased value and speed to the business.

Fruition SIAM will furthermore help your organization increase service quality, decrease the number of critical incidents and ensure faster incident and problem resolution. It also provides consistent SLAs and quality measures, ensuring better coordination of complex changes to make sure your suppliers align with your business goals. This reduces cross-supplier finger-pointing and defines clear roles and responsibilities that synchronize with your supplier’s KPI’s.

Benefits of SIAM:

  • Improved ease of service consumption
  • Better orchestration of external service providers
  • Integrated view of IT spend and performance
  • Shorter Time-to-Market
  • Higher innovation rate
  • Operational excellence
  • Continual service improvement
  • Continual business alignment

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