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Low Code App Development

Turn your ideas into practice in no time!

Suppose a brilliant idea pops up in your head that may serve your customers better than ever before. Then of course you want see if it really works in practice before you start investing. And speed is key so you want to see the first results yesterday!

Try Low Code, the fastest way to the market and your customers. And we can tell at Fruition Partners. Because we have developed Low Code solutions for all kinds of customers. With the Low Code development platform of Outsystems we delivered them a rock solid Proof of Concept in no time, to evaluate and test their ideas.

What is Low Code App Development?

Low Code means that you don’t develop applications with thousands of complex lines of code, but simply with the use of graphical user interfaces and building blocks. They already include code or generate it automatically. As a result application development with Outsystems saves you time and money since it reduces the amount of hand coding dramatically. It is rather modelling than programming although it still requires developers’ skills.

OutSystems still offers your developers the option to write additional code, giving them maximum flexibility. Build, deploy and maintain web- and mobile applications faster than you thought possible. Enterprise ready and highly maintainable – now and in the future. No wonder industry analysts Forrester and Gartner rank OutSystems as absolute leader! Be one yourself and take the lead in your market.

What’s the offer?

With your ideas and our professionals we jointly create a working Proof of Concept. And while working on it we will no doubt gain new insights that will make your idea even better. Collaboration is key in Low Code development. Based on the outcome you will be able to make bold decisions: go or no go?

What is the advantage of a pilot??

  No investment: try before you buy
  A pilot eliminates uncertainty about feasibility
✓  Graphical user interface: you see immediate results, while building the solution. Attractive and inspiring!
  Starting small allows you eliminate mistakes which supports a faster roll out after the final go
  Experience the new way of application development and the impact on your go2market and organization.

How about the costs?

First of all: your investment always pays out. You either have a brilliant solution or at least a strong prototype to further work on with low further investments. And if you are as enthusiastic as we expect you to be, we will make a clear and transparent offer to further deploy your idea. Costs depend on complexity.

More information about LowCode app development

Request a Proof of Concept

If you’re wondering where to start, what’s the most suitable platform and how to embed this sustainably in your organisation, ask us for a free Proof of Concept.

For instance, for that one business application that should have been renewed already but is such a daunting prospect. We can take on that challenge because our Low Code experience with clients confirms Gartner’s prediction: Low Code is the future. And that future starts now.

Convinced? Need extra information? Leave your name and address and we will contact your shortly. Meanwhile clean your desk and calender, we can start working on your idea sooner than you can imagine!