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IT4IT Capability Scan

Organizations are facing significant disruption from new technologies and IT delivery paradigms. Businesses want IT solutions faster, dependency on IT is absolute, cost is on the rise and risk is huge. Keeping track of your IT estate is more complex as a result and old operating models just don’t cut it anymore. Is the new IT4IT™ framework the instrument you need to safely maneuver through these turbulent times?

If you’d like to evaluate your IT function on innovation and flexibility capabilities using the IT4IT™ framework, our Capability Scan is made for you. 

When to consider a Capability Scan?

  • You have difficulty in producing meaningful information to steer IT and you have an excessive number of IT management tools but lack a service-centric view of IT. 
  • You have to manage IT functions like Cloud, DevOps, Internet-of-Things, AI and Machine Learning. 
  • You are being asked to support your companies digital transformation and manage the full range of IT services provided to the business. 
  • You need to drive improvements in quality, cost, risk and performance of IT. 
  • You are not sure how the way you manage ITaligns with strategic business objectives. 
  • You wonder if there is low-hanging fruit in optimizing the value of your current IT management function. 

IT4IT Scan steps


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Does your operating model enable service agility and customer satisfaction? Request your IT4IT capability scan now by filling in the form on the right.