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Cloud Management

Capability Scan

Organizations are facing significant disruption from new technologies and IT delivery paradigms. Businesses want IT solutions faster, dependency on IT is absolute, cost is on the rise and risk is huge. Many organizations have plans to migrate or are already implementing (Hybrid) Cloud services (SaaS, PaaS and IaaS) to deliver IT solution faster, to be scalable, more flexible and to keep better track of costs.  

Are you in control of your current cloud deployment, usage, costs when using multi-cloud (Azure, AWS)? What cloud management capablities do you need to develop within your organization? What new roles do you need to manage your (multi) cloud operations efficiently? How to manage the life cycle of your cloud services? If you’d like to evaluate and accelerate your current cloud migration plan, cloud management implementation and cloud management readiness our IT4IT Cloud Management is made for you.

When to consider IT4IT Cloud Management accellerator?

  • You have a Cloud Management tool, but lack a transparant service cost overview and service life cycle control. 
  • You want to integrating cloud management into your current IT management processes and tools. 
  • You have integrated with your CI/CD and find it challenging to define the next integration steps.  
  • You’re in need of a Cloud automation architecture. 
  • You’re in need of a best practice to register cloud resources in your CMDB. 
  • You need to drive improvements in quality, cost, risk and performance of IT. 
  • You wonder if there is low-hanging fruit in optimizing the value of your current Cloud Management function. 
  • You are on your journey to extend the use of various Cloud services e.g. IaaS, PaaS and SaaS. 

Key capabilities offered with IT4IT Cloud Management accelerator

  • Cloud Portfolio Management 
  • CI/CD Integration 
  • Cloud Service model & Tagging 
  • Multi-cloud discovery 
  • Standard cloud templates / blueprints 
  • Service Monitoring and Event Management 
  • Cloud Service Catalog 
  • Cloud Service Management 
  • Request Management 
  • Manage Cosumption and Provide Showback 
  • Cloud Fulfillment Automation 
  • Cloud Dashboards & Scorecards 

High level approach