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IT Operations done smarter with AI and data!

AI has arrived for your IT Operations! Fruition Partners is, as a leading Service Management and Operations solution provider, leveraging AI to streamline ITSM and ITOM processes. This is called AIOps: Artificial Intelligence for IT Operations!

Let us help you understanding AIOps and what it can bring you and your company. Read about AIOps on this page or download the AIOPs whitepaper.

What is AIOps? 

AIOps is an area in which AI, data and data visualisation come together. It is the future of ITOps, combining algorithmic and human intelligence to provide full visibility into the state and performance of the IT systems that businesses rely on. To be successful in your digital transformation you can rely on AIOps to enable IT to operate at the speed that your modern business requires. AIOps will support and enhance a wide range of IT operational processes and tasks like:

  Anomaly detection;
  Event and alert analysis, diagnoses and correlation;
  Performance analysis;
  Business Monitoring;

As an IT Operations specialist we expect and foresee significant and substantial cost reduction and productivity potential for each company that relies and depend on their entire IT environment. Even more important, Enterprises more and more depend on their IT environment especially when it comes to mission critical business processes that simply ‘may not fail’ due to outages.

What does AIOps deliver?

To understand what the benefits of AIOps are, it is good acknowledge that, in general, large companies suffer from lots (sometimes tens of thousands) of events coming in on a daily bases. Here is where AIOps comes in. AIOps can help IT service organizations to:

  Reduce noise;
✓   Provide better causality that will help identify probable cause of incidents;
✓   Capture anomalies, outliers and detect abnormal situations pro-actively;
✓   Provide predictive analysis by extrapolation of future events to prevent potential incidents;
✓   Provide predictive analytics.
✓   Provide analysis and recommendations (assistance for decision making done by human; intervention) to take actions on;
✓   Provide dynamic infrastructure monitoring;
✓   Provide application performance monitoring;
✓   Provide full stack observability (Topology);
✓   Provide DevOps performance monitoring;

What are the benefits?

1 | Costs saving:

Image that AIOps can reduce the number of incoming incidents down with 85% up to 97%! By focussing on the real (few) causes that may solve thousands of incidents every day, you will save hundreds of thousands of euro’s because of timesaving each year only! Next to that, your MTTR and MTTD will speed up enormously!

2 | Business Continuity
Some critical business processes heavily depend on IT applications and business expect an ‘always on’ performance and have ‘zero tolerance’. An outage can cause millions of dollars per hour in business losses because of operational breakdown. In other words, every minute in time saving may save hundreds of thousands of euro’s. AIOps provides analysis and recommendations that will reduce MTTR and MTTD significantly!

3 | Employee/Customer satisfaction
Hiring IT talent is harsh today. Keeping them is even more challenging! Companies must avoid letting talented professionals running up against incoming incidents with no clue. Time saved by using AIOps can now be used by creating business value even more with IT. On the other hand ITSM will improve their service level and image towards customers, because nowadays customers expect an ‘always on and available’ performance.

Why Fruition Partners?

With over 300.000 mandays of ITSM experience we dare to say that Fruition Partners is an authority in this area. More than 50 enterprises trust us to provide ITSM services and solutions and secure their business continuity. We partner with a selected group of leading and state of the art AIOps technology suppliers like ServiceNow, Moogsoft, Splunk and StackState. The combination of our expertise and state of the art AI technology enable us to advice and implement the best solution to you.

Are you interested in what AIOps can do for you and what your ROI would be? Let’s start a conversation!