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Facility Security Management Application

The new standard for physical security management

A varied and intensive set of tasks are involved in managing physical security. Well-supporting software is crucial in order to plan and deal systematically with the increasing flow of different operations, resources and disruptions. This FSM App offers maximum security in the flow of resources, assets and reporting, bringing together previously separated security functions. With this FMIS (Facility Management Information System) solution we created a new standard for physical security management within the ServiceNow platform.

Benefits of the FM App

  Seamless transition between FSM applications
  User-friendly portal for your security employees
  Less pressure on security coordinators

  Dynamic visual flow for crisis scenarios
  Flexible setup for specific roles in security
  Removes paper from the process

Features of the FM App

With the app you will be able to provide excellent service for end-users, thanks to seamless transition between FSM applications. The security coordinators will experience less pressure thanks to automated processes. So you will be surrounded by happy faces when working with the FM App! Check out what features the FSM App has to offer ⤵

1 | Security Portal

The security portal offers all your security employees a single point to access their FSM applications and the possibility to have a worldwide view of incidents, knowledge articles and news.

2 | Physical Security Incident management

A central capability for all security processes – to be able to raise and manage specific physical security incidents such as property damage, theft and fraud. Enabling youto do the management and reporting of your physical security incidents worldwide from one central place.

3 | Crisis management

The application allows the controlled creation, execution and management of crisis scenarios across your enterprise. The ability to visually manage urgent activities while providing flexible and dynamic communication to employees and first aid personnel via multiple channels provides a level of consistency and automated auditing when time is of the essence

The near future...

✓ Protection management; a simple way of managing, allocating and reporting on protection of both your buildings and your employees.
✓ Fleet management; always have the latest information regarding the availability, location, driver and maintenance state of your vehicles available
✓ Service Now Agent Mobile Application; stay up to date and be notified via e.g. push messages and manage activities while on the go
✓ Rounds management; makes managing and organizing of your security personnel around facilities less time consuming and less open to conflict.


More information about the FSM App