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Facility Management Application

Lower pressure on FM and higher quality of services with smart and transparent order management.

Managing one or more offices and hundreds of workplaces involves a varied and intensive set of tasks concerning multiple departments and vendors. Effective software is crucial in order to plan and deal systematically with the increasing flow of different operations, bookings, disruptions and enquiries, including in the financial aspects. This FMIS (Facility Management Information System) solution is developed on the flexible and powerful ServiceNow platform. It offers maximum control and insight in the flow of requests, disruptions, bookings and reports and makes them much easier to manage.

Benefits of the FM App

  Smooth controlled order flow
  Less pressure on coordinators thanks to automated processes
  User-friendly FM portal for your vendors
  Easy interfacing with Outlook
  Easy visitor registration and parking management

  Flexible setup for specific roles in FM
  Advanced, graphic space planning and management
  Event planning
  Professional management of art collection
  Easy integration with IT service desk and IT portal

Features of the FM App

Provide your team with one solution for doing their job. No more excel lists, cut back on sending emails and focus on what really matters, the business. Let your team focus on getting the job done and focus on end users. The app brings structure, automation, helps the workflow processes, cuts back the waste (on time, material and people) and provides overview. Check out what the FM App includes

1 | Order management

The core of the FM App is powerful order management. Requests, bookings, disruption reports etc. can be sent to FM via the user portal or the Facility Management helpdesk. Based on the type and location of the request or disruption, they are forwarded to the correct service provider automatically or after approval by the FM coordinator. For each order different suborders can be sent to different service providers, while you maintain a clear overview. The app offers also an ‘event’ option which provides a comprehensive overview of multiple orders related to a specific event.

2 | Visitor registration and parking management

The FM App offers the possibility of registering visitors and requesting access passes and parking spaces. The system shows the number of free parking spaces. Integrations with external systems to update the parking space availability can easily be established. Reserve parking places for customers and employees, manage parking lots and see usage and have a clear overview of parking reservations​.

3 | Space/art management

The app offers extensive building management for space allocation and the charging of costs. Employees can book a meeting room via the FM portal or directly in Outlook. The meeting room booking can include catering and devices such as a projector or flipchart. In case of conflicting bookings a conflict report is issued allowing the end-user to enter an alternative. The digital planning board and the floor view show which rooms have been booked and by whom. The FM coordinator can see conflicting bookings and intervene if necessary. To manage your art collection with the FM app, you can see the location of the artworks, their dimensions, value and condition, info about the creator and more.

4 | Floorplan designer

The FM App allows you to rapidly create your own interactive floor- plans. The app converts files from AutoCAD, after which you can decide which design layer you want to use in the app. Next you easily mark a room or area and add information, after which the space is clickable. It is just as simple as that.


The near future...

We started the development of the FM App with several hospitality functions and integration with Exchange, including an Outlook plug- in. In the near future we will add:
✓ Real estate management
✓ Contractmanagement
✓ Facilities dashboard/reporting
✓ Sustainability management
✓ AutoCad integration
✓ Access management
✓ Landscaping management
✓ Fleet management
✓ Inventory management
✓ Inspection management
✓ Procedure checklist for technical staff
✓ Quality and risk management
✓ Customer satisfaction

More information about the FM App