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Accelerate your business with powerfull business applications

Improve your business processes with the right applications and save yourself development costs and time. Thanks to our specialised knowledge of the ServiceNow platform, we are able to develop high-quality applications like no other. The apps are characterised by user experience and functionality.

Besides our of-the-shelf applications we also love to co-create business apps. So if the existing apps don't meet up to your wishes we can create one together. Where there is no time to lose and lots of clients to gain we always have a sollution for you.

Facility Management App

All possible processes and workflows at your Facility Management department can easily be incorporated in the FM App. The portal reduces pressure on the FM staff, while increasing the quality of FM performance. Amongst others FM includes visitors and parking registration, reservation of meeting rooms, finance, work order management, and more.

   Customer Relationship Mng App

A very powerful, complete CRM solution that combines a high level of professionalism with excellent ease of use. CRM gives a perfect 360-degree picture of the customers, a picture that your account managers can use for taking the right decisions and keeping the business contacts with your organisation close in the longer term.

    Facility Security Management App

The app creates a new standard for physical security management. It offers maximum security in the flow of resources, assets and reporting, bringing together previously separated security functions. Some of the many features are the security portal, physical security incident management and crisis management.

    System Analyzer App

Enable yourself retrieving and storing data from your and other instances and turning it into valuable information. Data that provides insight and control of your customizations/ configurations, performance, daily checks, etc. Set-up triggers, events based on thresholds or consolidate data from different sources making it available for dashboards/reports.

The benefits of Fruition Partners

✓ Extensive experience in IT core tools and processes
✓ Hundreds of successful IT-tool implementations

✓ Strong ‘hands-on’ delivery capabilities: we walk the talk
✓ Highly skilled, experienced and pragmatic IT4IT consultants