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Go live Creos – Back to baseline

Letty de Nijs

Today we celebrated the Go Live of our project at Creos. Wanting to improve their IT Services Creos is using ServiceNow for IT Service Management. Some legacy design decisions was holding back Creos to improve tooling and work processes and therefore to make use of the improved out of the box functionality. ▶ Challenge Wanting … Read more

AIOps provides more insights into the cause of IT incidents   

Nick Wong
Business Development Manager AIOps

Solve IT problems faster and save costs Smartphones, cloud computing and Internet of Things are developments that have brought many benefits, but they have also led to the fact that IT infrastructures have become very complex. IT professionals have their hands full with solving all kinds of IT problems. How can you improve that with … Read more

Go Live Vopak – HR Service Management

Letty de Nijs

Today we celebrated the Go Live of our project at Vopak. Vopak was in need of a good solution for stepping up the quality of the HR Services. Creating a friendly user portal within a single system of record handling for HR questions and request we have provided the perfect fit. ▶ Challenge Creating a … Read more

One standard to rule them all

Karel van Zeeland
IT Architect

The world of IT management is abounding with standards and frameworks. These standards address various aspects of management and in many cases, they are overlapping or provide contradicting guidance. As a result, much time and effort are expended in IT organizations to design and implement a comprehensive method for managing the business of IT. This … Read more

New year resolutions for 2019

Judith Dekkers
Managing Consultant

When we start a new year, many of us have new year resolutions. Stop smoking, spend more time with our families, do more sports, spend less time on social media, etc. Normally we start enthusiastically in January, what I normally notice in the gym. It’s very busy in the first few weeks of the new … Read more

IT services by The Addams Family

Edwin Charité
Business Process Consultant

Do you remember The Addams Family? Some people think they were quite strange, others think they were funny, useless, paranoid, or something like that. Normal? No! Common? Certainly not. Different? Oh yeah. Somehow they were amusing, recognizable and far ahead of their time. Let me introduce some members of The Addams Family to you. The … Read more

What are you doing IT for?

Rik Burgering
Solution Consultant

“A Purposeful life”. Many of us have that motto high on our priority list. Not only in private environments, but in every aspect of our daily life. Therefore, this would also apply to your professional environment, your work life, right? This starting point, having a purposeful and meaningful life, paired with professional ambition, should result … Read more

The most ignored ingredient for success

Jan Willem Boere
Senior Consultant

Many IT organizations have been focused for years on putting solutions in place with a large emphasis on the processes that needed to be performed. The result was often a landscape consisting of many best of breed tools supporting a particular functional area. Some of these tools operated more or less stand-alone, but many tools … Read more

Shapeshift your IT organization

Judith Dekkers
Managing Consultant

The world is changing, IT is changing, and IT management is changing. If you want to ensure that you keep up with future technologies and new expectations from the business, you will need to transform your IT operating model. “Transform” is the keyword here and if I think of transform, I think of Barbapapa. I … Read more

Knowledge18: over Londenaren en Madrilenen

Ruud Koot
Manager of Change

DUTCH ONLY – Ik ben er maar gewoon eerlijk over: ik snap nog niet alles, vrij weinig bijna niets van ServiceNow. Gelukkig hoeft dat ook niet want ik sta bij klantprojecten opgesteld als Manager of Change. En dan gaat het vooral om de menskant van het project. Om het vinden en verminderen van weerstanden tegen … Read more