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Taking IT-management to the next level

We are confronted in the news every day with problems caused by something going wrong with IT. We regularly get to see or hear how hackers have obtained data about the users of IT services. Airline companies have to wrestle with problems that mean passengers are unable to check in and are stuck for days at … Read more

Beheer van IT-middelen naar een hoger plan

DUTCH ONLY – We zijn ons allemaal bewust van de steeds groter wordende plaats die informatietechnologie in ons dagelijks leven inneemt. Voor bedrijven geldt al een tijdje dat de afhankelijkheid van IT nagenoeg absoluut is; zonder IT kun je als bedrijf al snel de concurrentie niet meer aan. In combinatie met een steeds complexer wordende informatievoorziening, … Read more

Hardnekkige erfenissen in itsm

DUTCH ONLY – Serie van zes blogs over it service management. Al jaren loopt Nederland voorop met procesmatig beheer in it service management (itsm) en is er veel gemoderniseerd. Toch is er een aantal quick-wins die nog altijd nauwelijks worden behaald. De traditionele benadering van deze aspecten is zo ‘gewoon’ geworden dat we nauwelijks meer open … Read more

Werken aan een gestroomlijnde en geautomatiseerde IT-fabriek

DUTCH ONLY – Van IT wordt verwacht dat zij sneller inspeelt op nieuwe ontwikkelingen, de klantervaring een boost geeft, de business helpt te innoveren en tegelijkertijd de kosten verlaagt. Echter, de huidige interne IT-organisatie wordt vaak als vertragende factor gezien voor het realiseren van deze nieuwe digitale ambities. Tot dusverre is de IT-afdeling er nog … Read more

Fruition Partners presenting at Belgian Association of Enterprise Architects on December 13, 2017

SAVE THE DATE!  We invite you to the 32nd engaging Architect Café where you can discover a “new” standard from The Open Group:  IT4IT (for managing the business of IT). Speaker will be Rob Akershoek, current Chair of The Open Group IT4IT Forum. During his talk Rob will focus on how IT4IT can empower companies to build better systems by architecting for digital business strategies. … Read more

NowForum Amsterdam at Beurs van Berlage

Again we stole the show at NowForum this week with former F1 driver Robert Doornbos. Visitors could challenge him for a battle on the virtual circuit. And they did. Lots of fun and laughter, lots of visitors! What a day!

We’ve got exciting news!

For the past 20 years we’ve worked energetically and passionately to grow our company. Starting as an ITSM specialist, we’ve developed and expanded our organization to the point where we now have nearly 200 professionals assisting our customers to rationalize and optimize their IT organization through core process automation. Nowadays we offer ready-to-run business applications … Read more

IT Management Professionals Day – The Open Group Amsterdam – October 25, 2017

Join fellow motivated IT Management Professionals in learning ways to stay relevant in the new Digital Enterprise. ‘The transformation to the Digital Enterprise is creating as many new competitive market opportunities as it is creating threats and dissolutions. Will your business be one of the winners or losers? Is your current IT operating model capable … Read more

Breakfast Meeting, September 28th in Nootdorp

Test-automation: not because we can, but because we have to?! Develop software quickly and deliver it even faster. And of course it should be modern and complete. This is the most common route nowadays. It’s agile, incremental and especially extremely dynamic. The best products and services are developed step by step, improved, enriched and made … Read more

Focal Point: Delivering More than IT Service Management

IT4IT aims to help organisations move toward a more focused IT service management model. Many IT operations have implemented frameworks and tools to deal with service management issues in recent years. Now there is an opportunity for them to go further than automating their processes to make themselves more efficient, says Bart van Muyen of … Read more


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Fruition Partners offers you and your team a unique, free masterclass on the Open Group IT4IT™ reference architecture. In an inspiring session our experts explain what IT4IT™ is and how it helps you streamline, enhance and optimize your entire IT value chain. Call us for details!