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AIOps Whitepaper

Improve IT service management with AIOps by processing a growing flow of data with artificial intelligence. By automating a number of tasks using AIOps the IT organization gains a better overview of the complex networks and helps customers more quickly. Learn what AIOps is and what benefits it can bring you.

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IT4IT Whitepaper

The digital transformation with IT4IT. This standard is introduced in order to offer a guideline for setting up a modern IT organisation that is able to shape the digital ambitions of the business. Use IT to automate IT management, read about the IT4IT standard in this white paper.

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GDPR Whitepaper

Protecting Privacy for a Succesfull Digital Strategy, from a mindset of compliance to a mindset of commitment. This white paper discusses the first year of GDPR practice and explores new challenges. Automation is the key to controlling the many aspects of the new normal level of privacy and security

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