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ServiceNow Performance Analytics Advanced

“Take your historic trends and metrics to the next level.”


This 2‑day training builds upon the knowledge obtained in the Performance Analytics Fundamentals course. Here you apply advanced reporting, performance analytics, and application administration skills to take your historic trends and measurements to the next level and deliver advanced and customized analytics solutions.

You will discuss the following topics using a mix of labs and lecture:

  • Understanding the Performance Analytics Adoption Journey
  • Using Advanced reporting techniques for impactful data summaries
  • Managing Dashboards and using Interactive Analysis
  • Monitoring reporting and dashboard performance
  • Using Spotlight to identify high priority work
  • Leveraging Metrics for efficient KPIs
  • Understanding use of Scripts for Indicator Aggregates, Buckets, and Mappings
  • Applying Formula Indicator Techniques
  • Configuring Index Indicators, Text Indicators, and External Indicators
  • Mastering Analytics best practices and use cases for complex scenarios
  • Deploying Analytics solutions, performing diagnostics, and system administration

Who Should Attend

This course is designed for Performance Analytics Administrators and Power Users who administer and create content for the Reports and Performance Analytics applications. The technical level is advanced !


Performance Analytics Fundamentals – a 2‑day instructor‑led training which introduces the fundamental concepts of deploying and configuring the Performance Analytics application is a prerequisite.

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