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Facility Management Application

All possible processes and workflows at your Facility Management department can easily be incorporated in our FM App. And the FM portal reduces pressure on the FM staff dramatically, while increasing the quality of FM performance. FM is a very complete app that facilitates smooth management of all your building facilities and daily operations. So lower workload, faster service and more control of your Facility Management processes!

Managing one or more office buildings involves a varied and intensive set of tasks. Effective software is crucial in order to plan and deal systematically with the increasing flow of different operations, bookings, disruptions and enquiries, including in the financial aspects. How do you achieve that? Fruition Partners provides the answer with the FM Application, the new standard in FM software, developed on the flexible and powerful ServiceNow platform. Ease of use, a clear overview and intuitive self-service for end-users are important capabilities of the FM App. The solution offers maximum transparency in the flow of requests, disruptions, bookings and reports and makes them much easier to manage.

Main features:
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  • Order management
  • Space management
  • Visitor registration and parking management
  • Floorplan designer
  • Art management
  • Integration


We started the development of the FM App with several hospitality functions and integration with Exchange, including an Outlook plugin. Soon, we will deliver additional services for FM like maintenance of buildings and supporting modules like contract-, equipment- and inventory management. Furthermore we will be improving workplace and space management, as well as providing dashboarding capabilities. Later in 2019 we will focus on access management, sustainability, landscaping and other services like vendor portals mobile apps etc.

"The FM Application of Fruition Partners is really new and refreshing. A successful integration between FM and IT. Standardisation based on one process, user-friendly and adjustable for each user, tailored to his role. That makes the solution powerful, all-round and flexible."
John Zegers, Facility Manager Delta Lloyd

Benefits of the FM, Application at a glance

Excellent service for end-users thanks to smooth, transparent order flow. Less pressure on FM coordinators thanks to automated processes. User-friendly FM portal for employees. Easy interfacing with Outlook. SaaS solution facilitates smooth cooperation with service providers and suppliers. Easy visitor registration and parking management. Flexible setup for specific roles in FM. Advanced, graphic space planning and management. Event planning. Professional management of art collection. Easy integration with IT service desk and IT portal.

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