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Fruition Partners at Now at work 19

Was it as good for you as it was for us..?

We loved to see you at Now at Work; the Service Now event where we talked about delivering modern digital workflows that unlock productivity and transform the employee and customer experience.

During the day you have received a lot of information. We do understand you might not remember every word of it... Therefore we serve you this page filled with information made specially for you. About the Building Control Center, the FM app and of course some nice pictures!

Please contact us if you have any questions about the event or if you just want to catch up..

Building Control Center [BC2]

Do you want to bring the power of IOT to Service Now? This app will easily connect to your IOT central hub, removing the need to use different software to gather and manage your data. Building automation just got a lot easier!

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Facility Management App

Effective software is crucial in order to plan and deal systematically with the increasing flow of different operations, bookings, disruptions and enquiries, including in the financial aspects. Achieve this by using the FM App!

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And ofcourse we have some pictures!

The Now at Work 19 booth crew!
Today it's all about Managing your facilities
Talking about the Facility Management App - by Rik
Yep, those are headsets. So we can actually hear the presentation!
Grab 'm! To reduce the paperwaste, we gave away buildings with a QR code to this page.
All about our IOT solucion "the Building Control Center" - by Mario
Who doesn't want to listen to Mario's English presentation with his lovely Portugese accent
And following on the presentation ofcours a demo in our tiny office
Look at this, our IOT solution is brought to live!
You can use your phone to set all the facilities in the room
Part of the booth crew, aren't they lovely!
The Now at Work 19 booth crew!

Thank you for stopping by at our booth!

Fruition Partners

✓ Extensive experience in IT core tools and processes
✓ Hundreds of successful IT-tool implementations

✓ Strong ‘hands-on’ delivery capabilities: we walk the talk
✓ Highly skilled, experienced and pragmatic IT4IT consultants