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Fruition Partners at Now at Work 2020

Transform the world of work

October 6 | Digital Event

After October 6 | Sessions on demand

Learn new ways to drive growth, strengthen business continuity, and enhance employee productivity. ServiceNow showcases this, highlighting the latest customer and platform innovations. You can register and participate in the hundreds of sessions provided to you during the live digital event or after through the sessions on demand.

Find out how we are partnering with ServiceNow to help clients automate industry workflows that drive greater operational resilience, accelerate business transformation, and deliver better experiences for their employees and customers.

During Now at Work you can trust Fruition Partners to:

- Share our sessions on LinkedIn
-  Provide you with on demand sessions (see bottom of page)
-  Summarize several sessions that we join ourselves
-  Join sessions for you when you can’t join them yourself
-  Answer questions you have about certain sessions

The sessions are available until the end of 2020. Make sure you be part of this experience and watch the different sessions.

Check our sessions below ↓

Now at Work 2020 - On demand sessions Fruition Partners and DXC Technology

[make sure to register for free with ServiceNow before you visit the links below]

1 | How Royal Terberg Group is creating transparency in performance and costs
Duration: 20 minutes  / link: click here
Royal Terberg Group chooses for transparency in performance and costs. They now let ServiceNow support the ITIL proces, implemented by Fruition Partners. In this session, through various statements we will discuss topics with Marco de Hair, IT Manager at Royal Terberg Group, to discover how the company transformed their IT department to deliver the best value to the business.

2 | ABN AMRO: MyIT: it works for me
Duration: 25 minutes  / link: click here
Learn from ABN Amro’s journey how they reach their ‘dot on the horizon’: a full self-service and pro-active service for the digital workplace for all employees worldwide at ABN Amro. Starting with understanding the end-user, they rebuild their new service portal to meet the daily needs the employees have today, using the ServiceNow platform. Working on next steps like integration with MS teams, mobile etc. together with ServiceNow and the upcoming Paris release, ABNAmro is on a great customer experience journey.

3 | Becoming Digitally Fit featuring Lamb Weston Meijer
Duration: 30 minutes / link: click here
What does it mean to be ‘digitally fit’? This is the question that Ton Maltha asked himself as he set out on a journey to improve all internal services at Lam Weston Meijer whilst creating an empowering employee experience along the way. In this session, he will share his vision on what it means to become 100% digitally fit, the steps and best practices that can help organisations get there and most importantly the focus on people above process or tools that is required for success.

4 | How to get better value from your third-party contracts with ServiceNow OOB
Duration: 30 minutes / link: click here
Mats Berger from BusinessNow will give a 20-minute talk on how you can get the most out of your Outsourcing and Procurement Contracts with ServiceNow OOB.

5 | Why You Need Automation To Build A Successful Security Operations Center
Duration: 30 minutes / link: click here
In this webinar, you will learn how to use ServiceNow to streamline your SOC with automation.