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Fruition Partners at Knowledge 2020

Take work to the next level.

May 5th 2020 - June 5th 2020 | Digital Event

Explore the ways you can unlock productivity through modern digital workflows. ServiceNow showcases this, highlighting the latest customer and platform innovations.You can register and participate in the hundreds of sessions provided to you during this 5 week event.

Find out how we are partnering with ServiceNow to help clients automate industry workflows that drive greater operational resilience, accelerate business transformation, and deliver better experiences for their employees and customers.

During Knowledge you can trust Fruition Partners to:

- Share our sessions on LinkedIn
-  Provide you with on demand sessions (see bottom of page)
-  Summarize several sessions that we join ourselves
-  Join sessions for you when you can’t join them yourself
-  Answer questions you have about certain sessions

Please contact your account manager if you want to make use of one (or more) of the options above. We are very happy to help you get the information you need during this 6 weeks of ServiceNow information overload during Knowledge 2020.

Check our sessions below ↓

Knowledge 2020 - On demand sessions Fruition Partners and DXC Technology

[make sure to register for free with ServiceNow before you visit the links below]

1 | How Predictive Intelligence helps us in creating tickets via Agent Workspace and Service Portal
Duration: 20 minutes  / location: click here
ServiceNow Predictive Intelligence is the next thing you want to use to improve the experience for your agents and users. We will explain how it helps the agents and users by automatically populating required fields, such as category or service. We will also explain how we started small with Predictive Intelligence and what the possible next steps are.

2 | Creating a One-Stop-Shop Portal with the Ultimate User Experience
Duration: 35 minutes  / location: click here
During this session we will show we created a One-Stop-Shop Portal as a DevOps teams and focused on achieving the Ultimate User Experience. Wouter de Waal, Certified Master Architect will explain the Service Portal implementation journey.

3 | Setting up Knowledge Management for all DevOps team with their own knowledge base
Duration: 35 minutes / location: click here
Setting up Knowledge Management for all DevOps team with their own knowledge base! We are providing every DevOps team it’s own Knowledge Base, so that they can manage their own knowledge articles to improve their services. Learn how we have made this possible and how we benefit from this. Keep in mind: You will spend less time at resolving tickets by providing better knowledge.

4 | Corporate Incident Response (CIR) Application (login at ServiceNow required)
Duration: 15 minutes  / location: click here
Learn how CIR can help your company to overcome situations which have the potential to evolve into a corporate-wide crisis. With CIR you can enable your company to pro-actively react to major events by providing a central tool for all information related to the event. With modules for Health, Safety and Environment, Risk Management and Crisis Management, your C-Level management will keep a 360-degree view on the situation and is in the position to make fact-based decisions to contain the crisis.

5 | DXC Security for the Digital Age (login at ServiceNow required)
Duration: 15 minutes  / location: click here
The Security Practice is teaming with ServiceNow to secure the enterprise through enhance and pervasive workflows. Learn how we are helping our joint clients accelerate their risk maturity, improve control and resilience and shorten the time and effort associated with regulatory compliance.

6 | DXC - Leading the Healthcare and Life Sciences Industry (login at ServiceNow required)
Duration: 15 minutes  / location: click here
DXC has 50+ years of service delivering IT solutions to the Healthcare and Life Sciences industry and 80% of the top 15 Global Fortune 500 Healthcare companies are clients. See how we are levering the Now Platform to improve processes across the continuum of care, including during the current health pandemic.

7 | Designed for Digital: Future Proof IT Operating Models using ServiceNow & IT4IT (login at ServiceNow required)
Duration: 15 minutes / location: click here
Most organizations are busy transforming their IT operating model leveraging new ways of working (e.g. Agile, DevOps and Continuous Delivery) and modernizing the IT management tooling landscape. The question arises how to combine ITIL, Continuous Delivery and DevOps? As well as how to create an integrated and automated digital delivery tool chain to deliver faster, better and cheaper? This presentation will explain how to streamline and automate your end-to-end IT value chain using the IT4IT standard combined with ITIL, Agile Development and DevOps. How to optimize the entire IT management ecosystem using ServiceNow as the backbone to manage and orchestrate all value stream activities from "demand" to "production".

8 | Supercharge Your GRC Compliance with DXC and ServiceNow (login at ServiceNow required)
Duration: 15 minutes  / location: click here
Organizations are continuously struggling to keep pace with compliance demands and costs created by the need for more resources and infrastructure, only adding to the dilemma of managing GRC. Join DXC and ServiceNow to understand how to drastically cut the cost and effort of current and future compliance with legislation and standards, using the power of the Now Platform, aligned with the Unified Compliance Framework® (UCF®)* and DXC IP and Services. We will demonstrate how to produce a holistic response to GRC challenges:
• Save people-years of development time
• Turbocharge implementation timescales
• Simplify and automate schemes for handling GDPR
• Manage future compliance overlaps, regulatory concerns, and legislative gaps

9 | Resiliency in Manufacturing with DXC and ServiceNow (login at ServiceNow required)
Duration: 15 minutes / location: click here
In this session, we’ll explore the trends that are driving the pace of transformation in manufacturing, including consumer driven employee experiences, and the resulting outcomes. We’ll also take a look at current pulse of the industry and share results from the National Association of Manufacturers’ recent survey regarding the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on operations. Final, we’ll share our point of view on what you should be doing to get and keep your organization on a path forward to resiliency and business continuity.

10 | Nestlé’s Cookbook for deploying multiple ServiceNow applications, globally (login at ServiceNow required)
Learn how Nestlé has globally deployed ServiceNow ITSM, ITOM, ITBM and HRSM in 24 months to enable their IT transformation. In this session, the program team will walk you through the journey, the challenges they faced and share their “cookbook” for success. The team will also discuss how they deployed ServiceNow applications using agile practices and created a lighthouse for future enhancements.

11 | Swiss Federal Railway reduces a mountain of data to a mole hill to speed data migration (login at ServiceNow required)
Swiss Federal Railway (SBB), the national railway company of Switzerland, has a history of dedication to reliability, safety and quality of service when it comes to running its rail network. For operations to run smoothly, it relies on massive amounts of data – from track signals and WiFi to train performance and traffic monitoring – some 40,000 data services in all. Recently, they faced an unenviable challenge of migrating that mountain of data to a new data framework. Learn how with the help of DXC Technology and ServiceNow’s configuration management database (CMDB), they were able to automate their network provisioning and migrate their data in short order, saving them literally millions of hours of associated labor time.