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Fruition Partners at Cloud Congres

Cloud management, this is how you do it!
December 11th 2019 | Green Village – Nieuwegein

Many organizations are struggling to manage the new digital ecosystem consisting of a growing number of cloud services.

During our session at Cloud Congres you will get answers to questions like:
► What are the key challenges of managing cloud services?
► What do I need to manage various cloud services optimally?
► How do I set up cloud management such as deployment, monitoring, cost management, risk & compliance, integration with the CICD pipeline?
► How do I integrate cloud management into my existing IT organisation (or not)?
► How do I get a grip on my cloud investments?

And of course... What are the most important do's and don'ts of other organizations in their cloud-journey?


Date: December 11th 2019
Location: Green Village – Nieuwegein
Time: 09:00 - 17:30 (session Fruition Partners: 11:20)
Presentation by: Rob Akershoek

Link to:
- Presentation Rob Akershoek - Dutch [click here]
- Article on the presentation of Rob Akershoek - Dutch [click here]

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