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System Analyzer Application

Improved control and stability using your existing data.

The System Analyzer application provides an easy configurable framework that enables retrieving and storing data from your and other instances, turning it into valuable information. Data that provides insight and control of your customizations/ configurations, performance, daily checks and many, many more! Set-up triggers, events based on thresholds (e.g. creating tickets, send emails) or consolidate data from different sources making it available for dashboards and reports.

Benefits of the System Analyzer App

  Easy configurable framework
  Retrieve and store data from multiple instances
  Get insights and control your customizations and configurations

  Combine data from different sources for dashboards/reports
✓   Identifying incorrect or unwanted usage of systems
  Save time and cost by using a of-the-shelf solution

Features of the System Analyzer

1 | Performance

Analyse and report on database performance
Measure end-to-end response times
Report system statistics (e.g. Memory usage)

2 | Health

Keep track of your configuration, customizations and upgrades.
Automate daily checks and trigger appropriate actions.
Monitor and alert abnormalities for Interfaces, MID servers, system log

3. Human behaviour

Get insights in the way users access modules and tables.
Frequency and response times of submitting, loading and updating data during the day.
Identifying incorrect or unwanted usage of system (e.g. tables)

4 | Sync

Keep data synchronized with other instances.
Make backups of data to other tables.
And consolidate data from different sources to one table

More information about the System Analyzer App