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Office Templater Application

Generate MS Office files from ServiceNow

The Office Templater is designed to generate MS Office documents from ServiceNow. ServiceNow only allows the export of simple tables to Excel and has no option to generate Word or PowerPoint files. We identified that Customers regularly need more complex solutions. The Templater allows you to configure templates for any of the supported ServiceNow functions, such as ITSM, HR, CSM etc. After that, the template can be used to export ServiceNow data into a file with a simple button press or by scheduling it.

About the OT App

The Office Templater allows you to create a template in Excel, Word or PowerPoint, and then create a ServiceNow configuration for it. This configuration determines what data will be displayed and where, and who has access to generate the file from ServiceNow. It also allows you to set up a scheduling for the template, so that people receive an email with the generated file.

It allows you to use data from multiple tables, create formula's in Excel, display images, populate data for Graphs in Excel. To receive the file either a download link is provided or the actual document.

Benefits of the Office Templater App

  Configure a template in hours
  Configure once, use many
  Download or receive via email
  Documents or links to attachments

  Manage security
  Save time and prevent errors
✓   Provide consistent information
✓   GDPR compliant

Document types

The Office Templater can generate Word, Excel and PowerPoint files directly from ServiceNow, based on the colors, fonts and document templates suited to your company´s needs. The following are some examples of what the OT is capable of:

1 | Word

CV template that fetches information from a user profile and several other user information tables and, upon file generation, will merge all that data into a single Word document. Ready to be printed or sent to a customer.

2 | Excel

Pivot tables and graphs can be prepared on your Excel template and then configured in OT. Upon exporting, data can be spread across several sheets and those pivot tables and graphs will be automatically populated.

3 | Powerpoint

PowerPoint slides can be uploaded to ServiceNow and used to get information that you need to include in a presentation, just by pressing a single button.


Business Cases

The Office Templater can for instance be used to generate:

  Program overview report
  Quarterly project report
  CAB reports
  Vendor performance overview
✓   Service performance overview

Facility Management
  Visitor Lists
  Catering Orders
✓   Occupancy Weekly/Monthly Reports
✓   Vendor Orders/Suborders

Other Uses:
  Training Certificates
  Project Hours Sheet
✓   Purchase Orders
✓   Regional production reports
✓   Timecards invoicing documents
✓   And more…

More information about the OT App

Request a demo of the Office Templater App

Curious already?

We are happy to provide you a demonstration of the Office Templater capabilities.

During a 30 minute live demo you will be able to see the potential of this solution for your organization. We will show you how to create and use a template and what extra options are available. We will also discuss some typical use cases.

Request for a demo on the right form and see how ServiceNow file generation just got easier.