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Ops Automation Application

Automate, automate, automate!

Consumers are demanding higher stability, more quality, stable performance and shorter release cycles of new features on the ServiceNow platform. An integrated Way of Working between Development and Operations (DevOps) is required to meet these demands. In order to accomplish this, automation is key. The Ops Automation application supports this need of automation on your ServiceNow landscape.

Benefits of the Ops Automation App

  Easy configurable framework
  Retrieve and store data from multiple instances
  Get insights and control your customizations and configurations

  Combine data from different sources for dashboards/reports
✓   Identifying incorrect or unwanted usage of systems
  Save time and cost by using a of-the-shelf solution

Features of the Ops Automation App

An application that is very advanced yet simple to use. It will move your operational activities to the next level.

1 | LowCode framework

Ops Automation provides an easy low-code no-code framework for analyzing, storing and sending data from your and other instances, turning data into valuable information. Information visually represented, giving insight and control on your day to day operation.

2 | Defining controls

Defining controls has never been so easy. Determine where you would like to retrieve the data from, on which frequency and what measurements need to be executed. Define thresholds and the application will orchestrate (create/update tickets, send emails, run a script) based on the outcome. No need to spend hours building reports, the application will do this automatically!

3 | Predefined control

Ops Automation comes with plug and play experience. Providing a set of predefined controls that can be re-used and adjusted for your business needs.

4 | Historical

It’s always a good moment to start using OA. The application is able to collect data historically, providing insights in prior events. Use the data in root cause analysis, baseline the performance or for future events.

More information about the Ops Automation App