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Facility Security Management Application

Coordinate and manage your physical security through an easy to use interface

Managing physical security processes involves a varied set of precise tasks. Well-supporting software is crucial in order to deal with crisis situations, plan personal and static protection and manage physical security incidents. The Facility Security Management (FSM) application offers just that by giving you maximum security in the flow of resources, assets and reporting, bringing together previously separated security functions. The FSM application is easy to use, gives a clear overview and has mobile enabled services for end-users.

Benefits of the FSM App

   Seamless transition between your security functions
   User-friendly portal for your security employees
   Less pressure on security coordinators and managers
✓    Flexible setup for specific roles in security
   Removes paper from the process

Use the same platform as your other IT and business apps
Extensive reporting capabilities
asy integration with Fruition Partners Facility Management App
Use the ServiceNow mobile agent app to optimize your crisis management and personal protection processes

Features of the FSM App

Check out what features the FSM App has to offer ⤵

1 | Crisis management

The online crisis rooms and response rooms allow you to act quickly when time is of the essence. Giving you one central point of communication from which, your crisis managers, operators and stakeholders can evaluate the situation, add affected locations and team members and escalate to higher management. Pre-defined response plans can be quickly added to a crisis to start the response process and notify the response team required. In addition, automatic notifications can be sent out to the members of your crisis and response teams using a custom notification capability. With both virtual rooms available to be accessed on desktop and via the ServiceNow mobile agent app, you and your employees can act quickly in every crisis situation.

2 | Physical Security Incident management

The physical security incident portal page offers a central capability for all your security processes to raise and manage physical security incidents. Enabling you to report on your incidents and their costs on a local or global level from one central place.

3 | Personal Protection management

Personnel and building security are important but complex activities. Involving scheduling and managing human resources, locations, vehicles and assets. The custom protection service order system provides a simple way of managing, allocating and reporting on the protection of your VIP’s. With a personal protection workflow allowing your managers and coordinators to manage service orders and allocate guards and vehicles. While empowering your guards, giving them the option to accept their service orders, write service report and submit their expenses via the ServiceNow agent mobile application.

4 | Static Protection management

The management and organisation of security personnel around facilities is time consuming and open to conflict. With the static protection application, we provide you a way to effectively manage your resources and the costs associated. Giving you the opportunity to plan your protection service orders for locations that require security and manage your guards’ schedules, skills, compatible locations and tariffs.

5 | Fleet management

The Fleet management application provides a modern way of managing vehicles, their usage and maintenance. By managing your security vehicles in the same system as your other FSM applications, you are able to link the vehicles to your personal protection service orders. Allowing you to always have the latest information regarding the availability, location, driver and maintenance state of your vehicles available.

More information about the FSM App

Request a demo of the Facility Security Management App

In order to deal with crisis situations and manage physical security incidents you need well-supporting software.

The Facility Security Management (FSM) application offers you just that by giving you maximum security in the flow of resources, assets and reporting, bringing together previously separated security functions.

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