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Customer Relationship Management App

Manage your sales, marketing, and customer support in one single system.

A new and smart CRM app for real customer intimacy and a firm boost of your business. All your customer data always available in ServiceNow. It covers the entire CRM lifecycle, from Marketing and Sales to Service & Support. The app is developed on the flexible and powerful ServiceNow-platform and is certified and available in the store. The completeness of this CRM app will surprise you. In fact it makes all the other apps obsolete. Master your CRM. Boost your business.

Benefits of the CRM App

  Better client relationships
  Increased team collaboration
  Improved efficiency in serving clients

  Greater staff satisfaction
  Increased revenue and profitability
  Cost savings

Combining marketing, sales and customer service at its best

Manage business relationships and information associated with them in one central location. In the cloud that is, so the information is accessible by all devices. Process received e-mails directly in CRM via the Outlook Integration. The dashboard shows a quick summary of what's happening today. And you can work on your current activities such as managing leads. ⤵

1 | Marketing

Run campaigns and events including smart targeting, follow-up and cost management. Use the MailChimp integration to send out newsletters. Generate reports on your progress and results.

2 | Sales

Manage your accounts and contacts e.g. birthdays, meetings, locations. Follow your leads and opportunities. Get relevant account news via Twitter. Manage customer service by defining service contracts, assets, SLA's and cases. Use the Sales Automation portal on all your devices.

3. Customer service

Keep customers happy and committed to your brand with professional case management. Track customers inquiries and give them proper answers at any time. Have support agents improving your customer service all the time. Show sales reps how cases affect the sales process. Route the cases to particular user or queue, based on criteria.Meet your SLAs by smart reporting and action triggers during SLA life-cyle.

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