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Business applications

When there’s no time to lose and lots of clients to gain

As well as streamlining IT, we also give new impetus to businesses through our powerful business applications for improving the effectiveness of the company. All in the course of just a few weeks! A question of experience, decisiveness and smart tools. We sit down with the client and we build the application together step by step using practical building blocks, without having to do any actual programming. Simply choose the functionality that you are looking for and a properly working solution will be ready in record time. Error-free and exactly the way you wanted it. It can be done.

Our CRM App is a good example. A solution that easily stands up to comparison against the major, well-known CRM packages but only costs a fraction of the price. Developed in just four weeks. The same applies for HR Case management, a user-friendly self-service portal that streamlines and improves the HR processes, reducing the pressure on the department before your very eyes. Solutions have also been developed for Facility Management that cut down the amount of work and improve the services provided to the rest of the organisation.


  • Short development time;
  • Right the first time, thanks to the close cooperation with the business;
  • Handy functional building blocks instead of programming the code;
  • Reduces work pressure and costs;
  • Increases speed and flexibility;
  • No problems with the administration or upgrades;
  • Satisfied end users.


Highly professional yet very simple

CRM from Fruition Partners is a very powerful, complete CRM solution that combines a high level of professionalism with excellent ease of use. Choosing CRM means you are choosing high-quality relations management for managing all kinds of information about customers, prospects, leads, marketing campaigns, orders, contacts and questions, as well as complaints about the services provided. CRM gives a perfect 360-degree picture of the customers, a picture that your account managers can use for taking the right decisions and keeping the business contacts with your organisation close in the longer term. The app combines maximum simplicity with maximum completeness. CRM consists of three basic modules that function as a single solution:

  1. Marketing
  2. Sales
  3. Customer Service

HR Service Management

Doing more with less

Using HR Service Management lets you reduce work pressure at HR as well as making case management a great deal simpler. The solution streamlines and improves the HR services you provide, creates calm and gives an overview, which all helps improve the quality of the output.

  • Standardises HR search processes by providing a self-service portal for the staff along with an HR service catalogue
  • Improves HR response times by passing requests from staff on immediately and automatically to the correct specialist
  • Reduces the risk of human error by automating requests, which are generally managed through unstructured channels such as e-mail and by phone
  • Allows control and steering thanks to the permanent good picture of all open HR requests
  • Ensures appropriate data separation, so that sensitive information cannot be seen by HR consultants and staff who do not have the correct authorisations
  • Gives both operational and tactical insights into HR performance

Facility Management App

Get facilitated!

All possible processes and workflows at your Facility Management department can easily be incorporated in our new FM App. And the FM portal reduces pressure on the FM staff dramatically, while increasing the quality of FM performance. Amongst others FM includes visitors and parking registration, reservation of meeting rooms and inventory like beamers, finance, art collection management and work order management for disruptions, catering, cleaning, etc. FM is a very complete app that facilitates smooth management of all your building facilities and daily operations.

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