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Go Live SBM Offshore – Service Administration & Discovery

Reinier de Koning
Account Manager

Recently we celebrated the Go Live of our project at SBM Offshore. We have transformed the SBM Offshore Service Administration and CMDB to become connected, accurate and reliable. Read down below what the challenge was, how we solved it and what the results were...




▶ Challenge

  • Defining and detailing the SBM Offshore Business Services.
  • Creating governance to administer services, CMDB and discovery for follow the sun delivery.
  • Consolidation of Service Model data, CMDB, and horizontal discovery.

▶ Solution

  • Implement a Service Model that enables SBM Offshore to manage and maintain their Business Services in ServiceNow.
  • Structure the IT/Business Services in such a way that it is not limiting any future developments in ServiceNow or business development.
  • Designed a governance model to keep the Service (discovered) administration accurate and owned.
  • Connect the incident, problem and change processes to the service model and CMDB for transparency and impact analyses.

▶ Results

  • End-2-end visibility and traceability to enable proper impact analyses for (potential) business disruptions.
  • ‘In Control’ of the Service Administration connected with the operational processes and linked to a highly automated updated CMDB.
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